Database Migration from 2015.09 Windows 32-bit to 2016.03 (and later) Windows 64-bit (LicenseMonitor)

Prior to 2016.03, Runtime supported 32-bit Windows installations of LicenseMonitor. As most modern Windows users have adopted 64-bit platforms, we have made a strategic decision to deliver only 64-bit Windows binaries of our product. As a result, our integrated database, PostgreSQL, has an updated schema in order to support 64-bit. This utility will make the migration of a 2015.09 32-bit database to a 64-bit database an automated process.
Please Note: This utility makes a copy of the old database, requiring free disk space equal to at least two times the overall size of the existing 32-bit database. Once the migration is complete and the utility has confirmed the new database migration is successful, it will then delete the old database to free up the temporary space.

Prior to Using the Tool

  • As stated above, please make sure you have free disk space in excess of two times the size of the existing 32-bit database. This is crucial.
  • In order to use this utility you will need to have already tried to upgrade your LicenseMonitor instance and notice the database isn’t starting. This is required.
  • Please go our website and download the files required to do the upgrade.

Using the Tool

  • Once you’ve downloaded the DBUpgrade-Win64 tool, go to the download location and open the binary file.
  • You may be asked by Windows to confirm you’d like to run this program, click Run.
  • Enter the desired path for the extraction of the binary files. This can be a temp directory, as they will only exist while the upgrade is taking place.
  • If you have not changed the configuration of the LicenseMonitor defaults, do not modify the bottom two fields, as they are the same.
  • If you have changed the default LicenseMonitor configuration, please enter the correct port number and instance name in the appropriate fields.
  • Click Start.
  • As the upgrade is progressing, there will be some output to the utility’s window. This is expected.
  • Once the utility finishes, you will notice the output will say it was successful, at which point you may close the window and use LicenseMonitor as normal.
If the upgrade is not successful, please email with a copy of the entire output from the utility and we will get back to you promptly.

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