Suspend and resume job scheduling (NetworkComputer)

You may wish to stop the scheduler, for example to perform maintenance. There are many ways to do this, but the best way is to use a capability built into the API, called vtk_server_config.

1. To suspend the dispatching of jobs, use the following command:

% nc cmd vovsh -x 'vtk_server_config scheduler suspend'

While the scheduler is suspended, if you ask for information about a Queued job, you will get the following response:

% nc info 029361701
Id,User,Group   029361701,jjj.staff,/allegro/PIC.jjj
Environment     SNAPSHOT(vnc_logs/snapshots/jjj/macosx/env16749.env)
Directory       /Users/jjj
Command         sleep 10
Resources       macos
Submitted from  mac01
Submitted at    Fri Dec 02 19:16:27 CET 2016
Priorities      schedule=normal execution=low
PlacementPolicy fastest,pack
Status          Queued
   QueueTime    4m03s 
The scheduler has been suspended.
Job 029361701 is Queued
2. To resume dispatching jobs, use the following command:

% nc cmd vovsh -x 'vtk_server_config scheduler resume'

Please note: Any word other than "suspend" will resume the scheduler.

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