Start LicenseMonitor on Windows (LicenseMonitor)

This section should be used just to get the product running and begin monitoring license servers.


Create an account on RTDA’s website

  1. Go to and create an account by clicking “Sign Up” on the top right corner

  2. Fill in the fields with a red asterisks, including the Captcha then click submit.

  3. Now, check your email which you used to register and click the link in your email to activate your account.

  4. At this point, an account has been created, however Runtime will need to approve it to allow download of any software. An email will be sent confirming your account has been created and downloading is now allowed.


Downloading LicenseMonitor (LM)

  1. Go to and login by clicking “Login” at the top right corner.

  2. In the tabs next to the Runtime logo, hover over the “Support” tab and click on “Downloads”.

  3. Click on the latest version available, in this case it is “2015.09 Update 1”.

  4. Under Documentation it is recommended to download the “LicenseMonitor Administrator’s Guide” and “LicenseMonitor User’s Guide”.

  5. Continue scrolling down to LicenseMonitor Single-file Distributables and download the “32-bit Windows LicenseMonitor Full”.


Starting LicenseMonitor (not as a service)

  1. Go to the directory where the file was downloaded and look for a file called “lm-winNT”.

  2. Right click on “lm-winNT” and choose “Run as Administrator”. You may need to confirm and/or enter a password

  3. You should see a screen like this:

  1. In the Extraction directory field put the path to where you’d like to extract the LicenseMonitor executables. Note: be sure to use forward slashes and NOT back slashes in the path.

    1. Default path is: c:/rtda/lm

  2. In the Server working directory field, enter the path where you’d like the SWD to be. Again, be sure to add forward slashes instead of backslashes.

    1. Default path is: c:/rtda/swd

  3. If you have an RLM server running for licenses and already have an RTDA license, enter the path to the server under the “RLM server” field. If not, leave it blank.

  4. Leave the rest of the fields as not change.

  5. Click “Start”.

  6. Please be patient as the extraction may time some time.

  7. When LicenseMonitor is started, you will see “LM running as process XXXX” at the bottom of the window.

    1. Note some firewalls may block access to vovserver or nginx.  If you see any warning messages, please enable/allow access


Setting up LicenseMonitor to begin monitoring

  1. In a web browser, go to http://localhost:5555

  2. Enter credentials using the machine’s log in and click “Login”.

  3. Go to the Admin tab.

  4. Hover over the “System” menu, and click on “Database Information”.

  5. Choose a location where the database should reside (keep in mind, this will be permanent and cannot be changed later on) and click “Save Location”.

  6. Under Database Control, click and drag the slider from left to right until the icon turns green.

  7. Once the database is started, there will be details as to the size, # of checkouts, users, denials, etc.

  8. To add a license server monitor go to the Admin tab.

  9. Enter details for at least 1-4

  10. On the bottom left click “Add New Monitor”.

  11. If you do not have a license, please send a screenshot of the Admin > Licensing page to and we will get a license.

  12. If you do have a license, go back to the lm-winNT application and via windows explorer, go the path defined under “Working Server Directory”.

  13. Rename the license as “license.key” and place it under licmon.swd directory.

  14. Confirm the file type was indeed change to “key”.

  15. Go back to the web interface and change the URL to http://localhost:5555/server.

  16. On the left hand side, under “Actions” click “Sanity”.

  17. Change the URL back to http://localhost:5555

  18. Data should now be populating in the home page.

LicenseMonitor is now running. Please refer to the Administrator and User guides for further assistance.

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