FlowTracer & NetworkComputer: Making a snapshot file of the current environment

When using NetworkComputer, the default run-time environment is a snapshot of the job submit environment. Sometimes it is helpful to use such environment files with FlowTracer.

Runtime encourages use of the VOV environment management system to run jobs with named environments in both NetworkComputer and FlowTracer. When just starting, this script can leverage existing systems so you can concentrate on getting the flow going and work on environments later.

The enclosed script captures the environment in source-able shell syntax, using the same VncProduceEnvScript{} function used by NC.

To use the in FDL with Flowtracer, use a line like this:
E  SNAPSHOT(path-to-captured-env-file)

This environment will be associated with all subsequently-defined jobs, until the next E statement.
Remember to save the script file in Unix format and make it executable.



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