2016.09 Update 21 Docs

Included in this release:

  • All Runtime Products: Support for “*” wildcard in vovselect, Support for logical OR in selection rules, Simplified management and improved web UI for database
  • LicenseMonitor: Improved visualization of records with short durations in detailed plot reports.
  • NetworkComputer: New parameters enhance the statistics of CPU usage, enable vovserver to respond to multiple incoming client connections, and improve performance by disabling matching when the threshold is exceeded (recommended for large, complex resources)
  • WorkloadXelerator: Initial release of WorkloadXelerator, Runtime’s high-performance hierarchical scheduler. Works in conjunction with NetworkComputer as well as 3rd party schedulers such as IBM Platform LSF
  • LicenseAllocator: New implementation of LicenseAllocator providing great scalability and accuracy. Key features include: Better performance scaling with large number of licenses, Overbooking, Cross-Site License Sharing, max-allocations per site, Matching jobs with checkouts using Process ID
  • FlowTracer:  Redesigned graph placement engine using Weight-Driven Placement (WDP) provides more visually appealing renderings of dependency graphs, Shell environment snapshots are automatically captured, which enables users to run a job in the same environment as the server

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