VOV: Find smart sets in vovserver

There are three types of sets in vovserver:

1. Enumerated sets, which are an unordered collection of object IDs.
2. Rule-based sets, which are defined by a selection rule expression; set membership is computed on demand when the rule is evaluated.
3. Smart sets, which are like rule-based sets, except that the membership is continuously recomputed by the vovserver.

If you define too many smart sets, the effort to recompute them may impact vovserver responsiveness. If possible, keep the number of smart sets under 50 or so.

To learn more about smart sets, run the following command (this is for NC):

% nc cmd vovselect id,name,owner,size,rule from sets where issmart==1

You can also delete them with the following command:

% nc cmd vovset forget set-ID-from-above

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