What does the seat_ft_l feature include? (FlowTracer)

When using FlowTracer, you may notice that vovproject is using one or more seat_ft_l license features and would like to understand what it means. A seat_ft_l feature enables one vovserver, 20 job slots, and 2000 jobs in the flow graph. The number of features needed is determined by the feature your project consumes the most of.

For example, if your vovproject has one machine with 12 slots direct connected, and 2599 jobs in the graph, it would need two features because 2599 is more than 2000. 

For the job slot computation, the 20 slots could all be on one large machine, or 2 slots on each of 10 separate machines, for example. The following discussion applies to multi-user Flowtracer projects in 2017 and later releases.

When multiple users share the same FT project, each user will require one or more FT licenses. The number of tokens used by each user depends on the type of licenses and the number of jobs owned by that user.

Jobs vs Tokens

For example, with seat_ft_l license:
User Jobs Tokens
Multi-user example
alice 2500 2
thanh 99 1
joe 1 1

Total seat_ft_l tokens needed = 4

Job Slots

In the above case, any number of job slots up to 80 will not cause vovserver to check out more seat_ft_l licenses.  If the project has vovslaves with 81-100 slots total, 5 tokens would be needed.

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