vovslaves are showing NOLIC status (NetworkComputer)

If vovslaves are showing NOLIC status, verify that you have set up your RLM license server and verified it through the log file.

If it seems to be working correctly, then run: 
  % rlmstat -avail

If the cpu_exec, cpu_hostinfo,  cpu_procinfo features are shown, but they are not taken up and the vovslaves are showing a NOLIC status, then check VOV_RLM_USE_HOSTS environment variable. 

This situation is uncommon, but it can happen if the VOV_RLM_USE_HOSTS environment variable is set. It might be set in one of these locations:
  • file vncNNN.swd/setup.tcl
  • file $VOVDIR/local/vncConfig/vncNNN.tcl
  • shell setup files of the account owning NC
Versions of Runtime software through 2016.09 supported direct RLM licensing by vovslave.  The vovslave binary would check out cpu_* or host_* features directly from RLM, using the RLM_LICENSE environment variable to find the port@host of the license server.

When both host_* and cpu* features are present in the license file, the env-vars VOV_RLM_USE_HOSTS and VOV_RLM_USE_CPUS control the features taken up by the vovslave.

Newer Runtime versions support a mode of licensing where vovserver, instead of vovslave, checks out the licenses from RLM. The vovserver grants licenses to vovslaves when they connect. This method of licensing greatly reduces TCP/IP traffic and socket connections to the RLM license server host and should be used when available. This mode uses the slots_nc RLM feature.

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