Why are there gaps in my data? (LicenseMonitor)

When you view a usage-over-time graph, you may find that data is missing for certain time intervals. There are three primary reasons for this:

1) The most common cause of apparent gaps in the checkout data is a problem with the LicenseMonitor license itself, either an expired license or a down license server.  LM will post alerts when the license is about to expire, and at the time of expiration, so you should set up notification to email alerts periodically so this is not overlooked.

2) LM scrambles the data stored in the .chk files; if there is a license violation, the database loader will not load it. This scrambling is also done for data from users who are above their licensed quantity. The .chk files are TSV text files, and you can view them with any editor to confirm whether they contain scrambled data. This scrambling is reversible. Obtain a valid license and restart LM.

3) If the sampling jobs are blocked, because the parser vovslave is down or overloaded, there will be gaps in data. In this case, the sampling jobs do not run, and the checkout data is not stored in the vovserver memory, and hence is not in the .chk files, and data is lost irretrievably. Contact customer support if this is the issue. 

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