Can a Debug Log be used to reliably collect checkout data? (LicenseMonitor)

No. We don't recommend using debug logs as a primary source of license/feature checkout data, when a standard status command (lmstat) is available. On numerous occasions, missed or inaccurate debug log records of checkouts have been observed. For this reason, debug logs should only be considered an estimate of checkouts.
We do recommend that you use debug log-based checkouts for debugging lmstat checkouts, or doing a sanity check of your observed numbers, although they will not match your lmstat checkouts exactly.

You can configure this option on the Admin tab of LicenseMonitor. From the Monitor Administration page, enter the debug log path and time zone, and check the box labeled, "If parsing a debug log, load checkouts in addition to denials."
  Figure: Parsing a Debug Log Option

At the command line, checkouts can also be extracted from the FLEXlm debug logs by providing the -checkouts option to the ftlm_parse_debuglog utility. See the usage for this command for more information. To obtain usage, run the command with only the -h option. 

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