LM: Verify automatic start at system boot

If you want to be sure LicenseMonitor has the highest possible uptime, you
should arrange for it to be automatically started when its host system boots up.

Runtime supplies some /etc/init.d startup scripts for LM and other products in

If you have been using LM for a while, one thing to check is that such scripts are
properly configured and up-to-date.

You can check the 'system recovery' page

The bottom of the page will show the status of /etc/init.d scripts, and the upper
part shows autostart and failover.

LM only recently supports failover, so your setup may not have that configured.
There are some restrictions to do with the location of the LM VOV database.

If you are really gung-ho, you can test the init.d scripts in addition to verifying
that they are installed, something like this:

  % ssh root@lm-host
  # runlevel
     (note run level)
  # cd /etc/rcN.d  # for appropriate runlevel
  # ./S99lm status
   (checks that it is configured)
 # ./S99lm stop
   (verify that it stops properly.  Check for 'vov' and 'postgres' processes)
  # ./S99lm start
   (verify that LM starts up properly)

Reminder: always use the 'lmmgr' command to start/stop LM, so that the DB and
auxiliary processes are handled.  Do not use 'vovproject'.


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