NC: increase resourcemap expiration time

The resource map subsystem of vovserver is very fast, powerful and flexible, and can express complex job resource requirements. The License: resourcemaps in NC are maintained by the daemon 'vovresourced', usin...

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VOV: Important: 2016.09u16 sanity check no longer restarts vovresourced

Help! Sanity check did not re-start vovresourced! The 2016.09u16 version of Runtime software changes a long-standing side-effect of the 'sanity check' operation. It no longer re-starts the resources daemon '...

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What to do when NC exhausts file descriptors

Most Linux kernels these days will support up to about 65K descriptors, so you can permit a high limit for the NC owner account in /etc/security/limits.conf When starting NC, carefully review the number of des...

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